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Frame restoration. Interview with a restaurator of Orlovsk art museum Nikolai Begunov. Interview features interesting facts about frame restoration, best practices and materials used during restoration.
Word “moulding” came to us from word “mould” or “mold” and it means shaped, coloured strip of wood, plastic, aluminium or other material, which is used for frame production and interior decoration. Traditionally moulding and picture frames, were produced from wood, but other frames were also found, produced from silver, bronze and other metals. During many centuries fashion and style of the picture frames has changed as well as art and interior d

Matboard for Framing

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Matboard plays a vital role in order to frame an artwork. Matboard gives additional colours accents, adds additional space between the frame and picture, improves perception of the artwork and connects artwork and frame into 1 entity.
Wood - is a tradional material to create wooden moulding. Even though, this material is more expensive than plastic and aluminum, moulding manufacturers can't substute and remove it from production. Most people believe, that a "true frame" has to be wooden.